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3 Common Misconstrued Topics in Addiction and Substance Abuse

"What's The Business? Blog" Addiction Awareness 3 Common Misconstrued Topics in Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction Awareness

3 Common Misconstrued Topics in Addiction and Substance Abuse

Posted By BrianTyrie

Addiction to substance, or substance abuse is a commonly discussed topic in the modern world we live in. Unfortunately it is also a common cause of injuries and/or death as well. With the pressure from media, constant endorsement of alcohol and the influence from celebrity lifestyles it makes it nearly impossible to shelter ourselves from alcohol and substance. This article and vlog is designed to expose the common misconstrued topics that confuse people about their status in the “turn up” lifestyle that music and corporate America promotes.

The first step to any self improvement is WANTING TO BE BETTER. If you are making moves for your self, do it for YOU! Relationships come and go, whether it be friends or family. Let’s face it, society and technology has made it possible to keep in contact without physically existing in a certain space. We can text message our friends and family maintaining a relationship without always showing up to Sunday dinner for example.

Addiction and substance abuse make it difficult for us to involve ourselves with the sober population. If no one knows you are actively using, how can they help?

Let’s take a look at 3 Common Misconstrued Topics in Addiction and Substance Abuse.

1. Only Partying on the Weekend but, Are You Scheduling Your Addiction?

This only applies to the population of party-goers that CONSISTENTLY “turn up” or experiment with their friends on the weekends. If you have a monthly night out you are not exactly in a danger zone, but you may be. Only you know for sure the truth behind your social life.

It is totally OK to have a social life. It is totally OK to drink responsibly. It is also socially acceptable to become a “regular” in a bar. When you start to appear more and more at the bar, even if it is different bars or different clubs you are putting yourself into a position that may possibly become habit forming. If you need to let loose after the hustle and bustle of the Monday to Friday work week, alcohol and substance DO NOT have to be your answer.

There are plenty of people, including myself, that will join the crowd without a drink in their hand. Yes, it took a long time but even after my sobriety I appear in nightclubs from time to time without drinking. For me personally it is a business event and I do not personally find a one night good time worth resetting the clock I set in my sobriety.

Pick and chose your battles because every single day you face a battle, addiction is the WAR! When you become dependent on this “freedom” of the night life you are closer and closer to becoming addicted. You are also putting yourself in the “Snowball Effects” domain.

The snowball effect is basically the fact that our bodies automatically develop addiction when our tolerance heightens. The headaches from lack of something as mild as caffeine is a symptom of chemical addiction. BE AWARE OF THIS!!!

2. Difference Between Addiction and Dependency

Dependency is not just involving substance abuse. Some people are dependent on acceptance which can be confused by the participant in the “turn up” or “night life” festivities. Dependency can also be confused as a means to mask certain anxieties that come along with meeting a new friend or stage fright.

We have all heard that if we have a drink or two we may be able to loosen up enough to successfully speak to our crush or to become more creative in our industry. This may be true in some cases but is it the most healthy alternative for your first impression?

Your health and awareness are obviously at stake but so is your appearance. Do you want to communicate that you are ONLY able to perform under the influence of either drugs or alcohol? What does that say to the crowd or the significant other that you are trying to reach?

Dependency is a mental issue that can become an addiction. Most addictions stem off of a mental issue that result in dependency first AND THEN addiction. We are not born an addict but it is possible to be born addicted or you might be born with a mental disorder leaving you dependent on approval. You may not… you may have developed this dependency to approval through the years.

EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT so make sure you analyze some of these ideas before you consider yourself an addict. These are just some pointers and as I have previously mentioned I am not a professional in the Addiction and Substance Abuse industry. I am simply a recovered addict that is trying to spread a perspective that may help some active users gain control.

3. Healthcare Professionals Aren’t Addicts, So Why Should I Listen?

Not every professional is out their to understand you. They are actually NOT ALLOWED to reach a personal level BY LAW! The doctors and therapists that are licensed in this field most likely have NEVER touched a drug or walked the path of an addict. This does not mean they are unaware of the struggles. These professionals hold on to a ton of information that can be used for your future battles. Take into consideration what these professionals say to you. Read the pamphlets, listen to what they say and try to apply it on a scenario basis. If you are not allowing these people in and you are shutting them down you may be missing out on a lot of the information that is vital in your recovery and prevention.

Many mentors on the other hand, DO have the past history and experience of the active user. Sometimes they DO NOT however, hold the degree. This is a good time to examine the “Take into Consideration” suggestion that this article promotes. Please take both perspectives and accept both worlds to piece together your own conclusion or your own guidelines in your recovery or substance abuse prevention. These people OBVIOUSLY do not know your life story and neither do I. Take it upon yourself to apply what works, what sounds like it may help in order to make the pieces fit.

If this article helps you or may have an impact on someone you know please share with them. Please make sure you want to help yourself because as a fellow addict I sincerely want to help those that have the similar background and history I have faced. It all comes with the territory and most of us have either Snowballed out of control and ended up addicts from a mental dependency and social acceptance.

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Written by BrianTyrie

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