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3 Ways to Keep Yourself From This ‘Plateau’ We Hear About

"What's The Business? Blog" Polishing Your Shine! Positive traits 3 Ways to Keep Yourself From This ‘Plateau’ We Hear About

Polishing Your Shine! Positive traits

3 Ways to Keep Yourself From This ‘Plateau’ We Hear About

Posted By BrianTyrie

In whatever industry or journey that is YOUR passion, take into consideration momentum can and probably will plateau. When we ‘plateau’ it is when we reach our goal, conquer it… and now what?

There are several different analytic charts you need to get familiar with if you are serious about running a business. Keeping up with what is popular and what is getting engagement.

That is going to be the area you SHINE as publicly as possible.

We’re not talking drama king or queen, we’re talking serious publicity.

Podcasts, radio shows, ads and websites that SCREAM your vision. That is all that is separating you from where you are and where you want to be. That can be attained through a proper balance of playing a little bit of catch up. Make some content and catch up your audience. Make sure they are well informed.

Make some sales, reinvest your money into getting the word out!

You will want to watch your social media marketing engagement, sales, marketing management and audience. This is only some the basics to look out for when it comes to monitoring analytic results. -credit Wikipedia links

Pictured above, is another industry that is far from music that clearly depicts what a ‘plateau’ would look like.

The answer to ‘what’s next?’ is the factor that determines whether you’re going to skyrocket your movements ‘momentum’. Are you trending right now or is this just a high five, good job, thanks for showing up type move. Are you done after this or does it lead to something else?

Now remember that once again we have to take into consideration that you start dominating what you are good at. Shine that positive vibe in the direction of all competitors or a mentor and be proud of yourself. Confidence comes from all different things you do in your day to day. Work habits are developing from taking trial and error for most companies with practice and routine.

What doesn’t work obviously is replaced.

Here are 3 Ways to Keep Yourself From This ‘Plateau’ We Hear About

  • What are you doing correctly? Pour your heart and soul into what is working and not into the fear of ‘what might not work‘ or my personal favorite ‘what might go wrong’? Get rid of doubt so that it prepares you for the next two steps. This mentality of keeping things moving one step at a time has helped me with my time management and productivity. *Remember ‘busy‘ and ‘productive‘ are two totally different words with two totally different ways to describe your day.

  • Reach out to someone that is probably our of your league, and support them face to face. Shine some of your strengths into the direction of someone doing better than you. Even if they aren’t doing better than you. Maybe it is someone that holds valuable knowledge. Don’t stop at an email either, show up to events especially if it is hosted by whoever it is that could possibly help you grow. Show support, invite friends and participate. If someone feels comfortable with you at an event and it all goes well…

(Keyword: COMFORTABLE… not too pushy, stay humble and calm… they might invite you to work at the next. Maybe not… it’s worth a try to show up.)

  • Leave your habitat! Just because you run an online business doesn’t mean you are only expected to be found online. This is sort of the same as the first two so we will get more specific… try different market places and find out if they lack supply in which you hold demand. Usually the places that aren’t too plentiful with one specific market might need your wild idea.

We all ready have a bunch of videos we can’t wait to share with you.

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Written by BrianTyrie

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