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5 Tips for Body Language and Building Work or Home Relationships

"What's The Business? Blog" Polishing Your Shine! Positive traits 5 Tips for Body Language and Building Work or Home Relationships

Polishing Your Shine! Positive traits

5 Tips for Body Language and Building Work or Home Relationships

Posted By BrianTyrie

Working in a stressful environment, puts a strain on everyone involved because of ‘how important or severe’ the challenges can be. Body language communicates the attitude before words get the chance.

Finding a positive intention will bring a positive ‘vibe’. This is not only important to learn and apply in the work place but also it is important to apply at our most heartbroken and troubled times.

This is not coming from a hypocrite, I am no angel… some of these concepts I have JUST managed to recognize myself. That is where the passion and urgency for was born.

We can probably agree that EVERYONE takes BAD NEWS differently.

Some bottle up, some lash out and some can be morbid. Again as previously mentioned this is a good time to apply the fact that EVERYONE HAS IMPERFECTIONS, some admire these imperfections passionately because of the diversity.

Any wrong move as a surgeon or a soldier could put peoples lives at risk. Carrying around these responsibilities bring abnormal stress, because in human nature we care aggressively for SURVIVAL.

Uncomfortable situations, where we have to ask someone for something they may not have to spare or loan. Not only is this awkward but let’s really look at WHY…

The quickest example to explain is “LENDING a friend or family member MONEY”

  • Whoever you are asking may have a previous obligation. The money could be available but going in another direction for a special night out etc.
  • The money is not available and the person is trying to mask their own hardships. This would surely build frustration living day to day life. Asking for help could reasonably trigger this person.
  • Whoever you are asking has the money but does not have the available time… which brings a whole new issue within itself.

Caring brings urgency and builds pressure, no matter what role you play there will always be someone with a similar task holding just as much urgency for another person or agenda. Here is some alternative suggestions when the funds aren’t available.

Respecting each other as “dance partners” and progressing at each others tempo is what makes a romantic life a challenge. These lifestyles have put pressure on many relationships.

Great Body Language Starts Here, But These Are Also Some Confidence Tips:

  1. Proper posture will make even the most bored person look like they are ready to go! Even at home this can apply to setting the table and being more aware. Participation is body language that shows you have faith and respect for whatever it is you partake. Some of us leave that to those Sunday dinners but these are things we need to face daily and vigilant. Stand your position in your situation and OWN IT!
  2. Always make eye contact and obviously avoiding the EYE ROLL. The good old firm handshake, open the door for who is behind you. Manners in general should not be a problem. You have to remind yourself that you may only be an intern or a student now but you will eventually have opportunities. The common phrase ‘if you hang out a barber shop long enough you’re bound to get a haircut’ applies when new positions open at work. When your significant other needs support you can actually be prepared instead of so caught of guard.
  3. Dress appropriately because that is a horrible reason for a brilliant mind to miss out on an opportunity. You want to shine but do it so that YOU are comfortable. Everyone appreciates beauty but when is it appropriate to bring out the cocktail dress. Sometimes over dressed sometimes under dressed. Be aware of the situation. Listen to some key words. That has always helped me learn something I wasn’t too sure of. Just grab a bunch of key words like “club”, “night” and “beach”… hell as long as its summer I all ready know what I would be wearing. Maybe not so easy for women but that’s a whole new subject.
  4. Arrive 15 minutes earlier than you announce. From a seminar in Florida, we learned this actually works but you have to leave 30 minutes earlier than you’re used to. It shows DEVOTION! If you are going on a car trip try to make sure that whoever you are traveling with is comfortable. Especially if the event or destination is YOUR gig, gas money is not going to cut it. Please understand that no one in the world owes us anything. Even if we got our little brother the job, you still are just an employee and so is he for that time you are punched in.
  5. Before you leave for work or home, ask if there is anything else that needs to be done for the night or prepared for the next day. When you part ways it shows that you are devoted and plan on returning the following day. This is always a good idea so that the people in your life (whether it be work or home life) are comfortable with your participation.

Generally speaking there is nothing you can say that you cannot do. So when you are making these commitments remember that this is not for self gain, this is for communication and GROUP VALUE whether it is applied to your home or work life!

Someone with great confidence and knowledge is an asset to any community. This is just the beginning of the journey. We all ready have a bunch of videos we can’t wait to share with you. Bookmark our blog and subscribe to the emailing list. At the vibration is through positive influence and practice.

I do NOT have a degree, this is NOT medical this is NOT legal advice.

Subscribing to this email is 100% confidential and I will be sharing business mindset on all of the aforementioned problems so many of us face.

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Written by BrianTyrie

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