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Music Production Monthly


For only $100 per month you can work with Brian Tyrie over phone, email, Google Hangouts or whatever your favorite means of communication to customize your own sound. New record coming out and you don’t want to sound like all the other artists? This is a GREAT fit for someone that wants to release a lot of music at once. The price is unheard of and instead of getting 5 Non-Exclusive beats for $100 you’re getting MULTIPLE CUSTOM Non-Exclusive BEAT!

Visit to hear a preview of some beats or you can grab one at a time!

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Brian Tyrie has been working his way from an independent music news blogger, to developing the internet radio stations along with multiple websites for the past 3 years. Those steps were necessary to establish BEFORE launching a Music Production career to ensure artists will get more than just a download with every purchase. Value is the #1 priority on the and brands.

If you are currently working on a low budget and still want the Industry Standard beats you see online, purchase this monthly membership and customize your beats with Brian Tyrie. The beats will be allowing unlimited sales contracts but the beat WILL be sold on the Brian Tyrie beat stores.

Why don’t I just buy them from the beat store? You could definitely chose that route and spend $20 per beat, but the $100 price tag will limit you to 5 beats. This option gives you as much time and as many beats that the both of you and Brian Tyrie can come up with. Unlimited creativity!

Click the ADD TO CART button and expect to be contacted within 24 hours!


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