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Services and Products, Television And Radio… Are You Prepared To Be Used?

"What's The Business? Blog" Polishing Your Shine! Positive traits Services and Products, Television And Radio… Are You Prepared To Be Used?

Polishing Your Shine! Positive traits

Services and Products, Television And Radio… Are You Prepared To Be Used?

Posted By BrianTyrie

That sounds horrible but here is some of the truth behind this statement…
You may be well prepared to start “taking your music seriously” but are you prepared for the music business? Welcome to, What’s the Business?
If you follow on social media you may all ready know that I am a freelance writer, music producer and internet radio co-owner. What most people do not know is that I have worked in sales for many years.
Also writing marketing copy for the past 5 years.
In this time I have also learned the strategies behind some of America’s top cable providers in the United States and also working with the smaller contracting companies that are usually used to cover a customer service follow up appointment. The music industry is what I compare most of these topics because my audience understands this material can possibly solve an occurring issue many of us face.

No matter what industry we all have some similarities so please try to compare my examples I speak about in my industry and try to apply to a similar scenario in your industry.
The examination of these “worlds” have given me knowledge and experience to CREATE the what you see in front of you today. Our blogs are written for the sole purpose of educating and preparing the reader for what our teams have encountered. This is not a marketing “get rich quick” course and is far from the sugar coated material for the DIY business mogul.
The world is constantly evolving so we will not be talking about the tech part of these industries but the one thing that can stay with you forever, and that is your mindset.
Also known as your “motivational thinking”, an “inspiring mentality” or simply “positive framing”.
The mainstream music artists we see today and have grown to love could not have possibly amazed the crowds at Madison Square Garden or spectacular Halftime Shows at the Super Bowl by believing the negative energy that every single person on our planet faces. There is no escaping it whether in elementary school, middle school, high school and now the workplace and ESPECIALLY in our corporate world.
Maybe it is natural for someone to be aggressive when defending what they love.
Survival is reflex, what we find closest to us is usually valuable and needed in our every day goals. Our phone is always with us because it helps us so we never miss out on a call or text, also serving as a way to keep track of time, setting calendar dates and alarms etc. This isn’t about any of that, this article is about our mind, and what we have to prepare it for depending on our chosen journey.
It’s impossible for everyone to like each other. The question of BUSINESS is actually, do you find me useful? If the answer is yes they can find you useful, are you prepared to be used? Services and products, television and radio. Are you prepared to be played when THEY feel like? In the 2000 film ‘Hendrix’ Wood Harris plays Jimi Hendrix who was once quoted saying “…I am not a jukebox…”when a fan shouted out a request mid set.
This has always seemed relevant in life because if you look at it from the crowd perspective they just want to have fun and hear what they want to hear. Also examining this from the artist point of view, these songs have meaning beyond description which is why most music is created.
One song may represent a memory in one persons mind, while bringing a sad memory to the person standing to the right of them. The mindset and emotion has to find a balance to completely keep all parties satisfied.
If you WANT to help people in general and you also understand that your customers will almost ALWAYS be upset from the previous company or provider that they were subscribed to. Then you are most likely ready to take BUSINESS more seriously now!

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Written by BrianTyrie

Brian Tyrie is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Music Producer/Mixing Engineer and also plays several roles behind the scenes, for the and Experiences!

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